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    Best Cyber Monday Deals Under $100

    You can find plenty of deals for less than $100 on kitchen products, tech gadgets, and more

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    A sales tag with a circle indicating prices under $100. Graphic: Consumer Reports

    Finding a great deal is always a thrill, and as the Cyber Monday deals arrive we’re seeing more sales. To help budget-conscious shoppers—who shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for a low price—we went through low-cost options that score well in CR’s tests for the most promising deals on kitchen tools and cookware, streaming devices, headphones, and more. Below, you’ll find items on sale for under $100. (We’re also tracking all the best deals under $50.)

    These are just a few of the best sales we’re seeing for under $100 right now, but we’re always checking everything, regardless of price, to bring you the latest. So check out more great discounts on electronics and home and kitchen products, as well as our CR Deals hub.

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    Sleep Accessories
    • Headphones
    Bluetooth and Smart Speakers
    • Air Fryers
    • Coffee Gear
    • Kitchen Tools and Cookware
    • Smart Home
    • Yoga Mats
    • Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches
    • Tablets
    • More Deals

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    Sleep Accessories

    Luna Weighted Blanket

    On the under $100 end of things, the Luna weighted blanket is a basic cotton option, filled with glass beads. It does not come with a duvet cover, but you have several colors and materials to choose from if you’d like to buy one separately. Luna says you can wash it in cold water on the gentle setting and hang it to dry or tumble-dry on low heat.

    Why it’s a good deal: Saving $20 for a little peace of mind is worth considering.

    Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light HF3520/60

    With the Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light HF3520/60, you can wake up to one of five nature-inspired sounds or an FM radio. The clock glows with red, orange, and yellow hues that ultimately brightens to a maximum intensity of 300-lux (which you can adjust down, according to your preference). Pressing snooze will temporarily shut off the sound alarm but not the light, which may keep you from falling back asleep (a good thing, if you truly want to wake up).

    Why it’s a good deal: A discount of $20 on this model is worth considering.


    You don’t find Apple products on sale that often, so while these second-generation AirPods aren’t the latest, they’re a good value. They deliver average sound quality, which casual listeners will probably find sufficient for music and movie soundtrack playback.

    Why it’s a good deal: These AirPods have dropped to the low price we saw at a number of outlets earlier this season.

    The Sennheiser CX Plus offers really good value for true wireless noise-canceling earbuds. According to our testers, the sound quality is more than solid, while the active noise-canceling performance is among the best we’ve tested and includes a transparency mode so that you can hear traffic while you’re walking. Some users might find the buds a bit bulky, but our testers found the fit to be fine for most users.

    Why it’s a good deal: This deal puts the desirable CX Plus earbuds significantly below their list price.

    beats by dre Studio Buds

    The Studio Buds are true wireless noise canceling earbuds that hit a sweet spot between price and performance. Sure, there are some earbuds that perform somewhat better, only a few—notably the Sennheiser CX Plus and the OnePlus Buds Pro— are in the same price range as the Studio Buds. While these earbuds aren’t particularly feature-packed, our expert testers report that the noise canceling works really well, and Studio Buds do sound really good, especially given their modest price.

    Why it’s a good deal: These headphones are a great pick at their usual price, so $60 off makes them a steal of a deal.

    Bluetooth and Smart Speakers

    Even at its usual price, the JBL Flip 5 is a bargain. This compact portable has a claimed battery life of up to 12 hours and can withstand a dunking, according to the manufacturer. Compared with the best-sounding speakers we’ve tested, it has a few sonic shortcomings, with bass that’s a bit boomy and trebles that are somewhat subdued, but in the great outdoors the sound is satisfying.

    Why it’s a good deal: This speaker has a lot to offer, especially at this price.

    Think of the Charge 4 as the smaller sibling of JBL’s Xtreme 2. Its light weight and more modest dimensions make it a great choice for those who enjoy carrying a speaker with them. It’s easy to use and has admirable sound quality for a portable speaker. The Charge 4 also features an internal power bank that can charge other devices, and the manufacturer says the device is waterproof to 1 meter, a claim that CR didn’t test.

    Why it’s a good deal: At this price, it’s a bargain for a good-sounding, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker.

    For less than $50, the pocket-sized Sony SRS-XB13 is a solid deal. It’s a speaker that can go to the park or the beach without fear of an expensive piece of electronics getting lost, stolen, or destroyed. The Sony’s bass isn’t very strong and it lacks the smoothness and detail of more expensive speakers, but the speaker’s sound can fill a small room. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a great value for the quality and portability.

    The Show 8 offers a lot of device for the money. The voice-enabled touchscreen can be useful in a kitchen when you want to follow a recipe while your hands are messy. The sound quality does have flaws—our testers found the treble to be strident and heard echoes in the all-important midrange. The Show 8 also lacks the Zigbee smart home hub found on the latest-generation Echo.

    Why it’s a good deal: At half off its previous price, this is a very solid deal on a device that performs well.

    Air Fryers

    The electronic controls and programmed settings on the Ninja AF101 are among the easiest to see and use, respectively, earning high ratings in our assessments. Cleaning the inside and outside is fairly simple, and the measured capacity of this model is just about average at 3 quarts. Bear in mind that this model runs on the noisy side, with the fan as loud as a countertop microwave.

    Why it’s a good deal: In at-home tests, this air fryer delivered a great performance. It’s now $20 off and even more discounted at Amazon.

    The Instant Vortex 4 Plus Air Fryer 4QT is a standout for the legibility of its digital controls, relatively low noise levels, and ease of cleaning. What’s more, its square basket design makes it easy to fit in a small pyrex dish or baking pan — great for turning out sweet treats. The measured 3 quart model has a 1-year warranty. 

    Why it’s a great deal: At more than half off you can get one of Instant’s newest air fryers at a considerable savings.

    The Oster DiamondForce Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer’s digital touchscreen is easy to read. And its programmed settings are easy to use, earning it a favorable score in our controls test. This model also doesn’t make too much noise, and cleaning the inside and outside doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease. Despite the air fryer’s name, the basket has a measured capacity of 3.6 quarts. Like other models we’ve tested, this one comes with a 1-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: Why it’s a good deal:  The price for this model at Target is the lowest we’ve seen in weeks.

     Testers find that the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore 6 Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer’s electronic controls are easy to read,  and its programmed settings, easy to use—earning it a high score in our controls test. Cleaning the inside and outside is simple enough, too, and this measured 4-quart model doesn’t produce too much noise. To the delight of décor enthusiasts, this air fryer is available in a range of colors.

    Why it’s a good deal: While this fryer in Merlot has always been $69 at Walmart, the other colors are also now at that same low price.

    Coffee Gear

    The Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer KB900 is one of the more expensive models we test, but it’s a superior performer. This manual cold-brew coffee maker offers superb convenience and was one of the best models in our taste tests. The Asobu isn’t dishwasher-safe, but it has a stainless-steel insulated carafe (rare for a manual model) and brews in 12 to 24 hours, depending on how strong you want your coffee.

    Why it’s a good deal: This cold-brew coffee maker is on sale for about 22 percent off in select colors, making now a great time to buy.

    The Braun BrewSense 12-cup Programmable KF7000BK is an all-around great coffee maker, offering strong brew performance, an easy-to-pour carafe, and plenty of convenient features. Those features include auto-shutoff, a water filter, programming, a cleaning indicator, and a permanent filter.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model has a modest discount right now, but it was only $80 last week, so we recommend waiting to see if the price drops again before you buy.

    For a brewer with a thermal carafe, consider this deal on the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew BVMC-PSTX91. Our tests show thermal carafes aren’t as easy to hold and pour as glass carafes, but this machine still performs decently for handling. It also offers great brew performance and is quite easy to clean and use.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the lowest sale price we’ve seen for this model.

    The Keurig K-Latte Single Serve K-36 can brew both hot coffee and lattes thanks to its built-in milk frother. It performs well in our tests, especially for its temperature and size consistency between brews. It’s equipped with an auto-shutoff, a height-adjustable drip tray, and a removable water reservoir.

    Why it’s a good deal: This pod coffee maker is about $30 off at Best Buy and Walmart, but Best Buy’s sale price is about $9 less.

    The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder earns solid scores in all our grind-performance tests, and it’s particularly great at producing coarse grounds, which are ideal for cold-brew and French-press coffee. This model is also easy to clean, but its controls are a bit unintuitive, and it’s one of the noisier grinders in our ratings. The Bodum features 12 grind settings, an auto-stop feature, and a timer.

    Why it’s a good deal: The black model is almost 50 percent off the original price, the best price we’ve ever seen for this model.

    The Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is one of the more affordable models that does well in our tests. It receives strong scores in our grind performance tests, making it a fantastic choice for any brew method you want to use. Our testers find it extremely easy to clean, too, because it has a removable hopper. It features 15 grind settings, a 12-ounce bean hopper (one of the largest), an auto-stop feature, and a timer.

    Why it’s a good deal: This grinder is $20 off at a handful of retailers.

    Kitchen Tools and Cookware

    AeroGarden Harvest 360

    The circular AeroGarden Harvest 360, among the smallest AeroGarden models, is the one CR recommends if you’d like to start an indoor garden. The starter kit includes six ports for seed pods, and it comes with various lettuces. Of the four gardens CR tried, the AeroGarden was the most fun for our tester to use, in part because most of the lettuce sprouted in a week and grew fast. But the unit is also relatively easy to operate; there are even indicator lights that let you know when your plants need more water. Total setup took just 8 minutes.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is just $10 more than the best price we’ve seen, on Black Friday. Make sure to use the code "CYBER" at checkout to get the full savings.

    SodaStream Terra

    We found the highly-rated SodaStream Terra’s “quick connect” snap-on mounting for CO₂ cartridges easier to use than the older, screw-in setups of other SodaStream models. (The new, pink cartridges you’ll need for this unit cost the same and can carbonate the same volume as the older cartridges.) The Terra needs no electricity to work. This package includes one pink CO₂ cartridge and one carbonating bottle.  We tested the red Terra model.

    Why it’s a good deal: This 40-percent discount is the deepest price cut most retailers have posted in several months. They’re charging that same price for the Terra in white, black, and misty blue.

    This Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System ranks in the middle of CR’s ratings. It earns above-average scores for chopping onions for salsa or almonds for pies but gets only an average score for puréeing soups and scores below average for grating Parmesan cheese. It’s also a bit noisy. The 8-cup-capacity chopper has convenient touch-button controls and three speeds and comes with accessories including a dough blade, a blender attachment, and a recipe book.

    Why it’s a good deal: This $100 off promotion is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

    With variable speeds, dial controls, and a reversible shredding and slicing disc, the NutriChef NCFP8 food processor isn’t one to miss. Although the model doesn’t fare as well when it comes to grating, it still manages to score high in overall performance in Consumer Reports’ tests. Included in the set you’ll find a dough blade plus whipping and juicing attachments. 

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s one of the best options under $100, but it was $5 cheaper at Walmart last week.

    This vacuum sealer from Black+Decker is a great option. It gets high scores in CR’s lab tests for speed and dry-food sealing, and its performance for wet-food sealing (e.g., marinated foods) is almost as strong. It does get a lower than average score for noise, but that’s fairly common for this sort of kitchen tool.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model typically retails for closer to $100, so this is a nice discount. But note that the shipping time is currently 1-2 months.

    The Cuisinart Countdown Metal CPT-415 snags the top rating in our color-range tests, popping up toast just as you like it. There are settings for bagels, defrost, and reheat, and Cuisinart’s 3-year warranty is longer than that of most brands in our ratings.

    Why it’s a good deal: Paying more than $50 for a 2-slice toaster may be a reach. But if you’re going to splurge for a digital display, you might as well splurge on one of the highest-rated models in CR’s ratings.

    This Blue Diamond multi-cooker has an impressive overall performance. It’s stellar at pressure cooking and sauteeing, and functions as a great slow cooker and rice cooker as well. Its one downside: the steaming performance was just so-so. This model comes with a 2-year warranty and accessories, including a steam rack, measuring cup, spoon, and condensation collector.

    Why it’s a good deal: Walmart has this high performer for more than 25 percent off.

    Smart Home

    The Eufy T8200 video doorbell is an all-around great option, with strong scores for video quality, response time, and smart features in our tests. Those features include 4 gigabytes of internal memory to save recordings (no monthly fees here!), monitoring zones, person detection, voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and the ability to leave recorded messages for visitors.

    Why it’s a good deal: This doorbell is currently $80 off when using code "WS7DQ2RSIH" at Eufy.

    The Bosma Aegis Smart Lock SL0001 receives high scores across the board in our tests, including ease of remote access. This retrofit smart lock also comes with plenty of features, such as auto-locking, auto-unlocking, voice and app control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, electronic keys, an access log, a door open/close sensor, and a tamper alarm to warn you of a possible break in.

    Why it’s a good deal: There’s an on-page coupon that takes $59 off the list price, making this the best price we’ve seen so far for this lock.

    If you’re looking for an indoor security camera to keep an eye on your pets, our editors found the Arlo Essential Indoor to be a close second to the Furbo dog camera. And even though the Arlo is technically a home security camera, which means it lacks functionalities like tossing treats, it still provides the necessary technology for checking in on your pets. Our editors found the device’s video angle and video quality to be great, and its corresponding app was easy to use. While the setup was a bit tricky—and the privacy shield makes a noise that could alert your pet when it comes on—it did impress as far as sound. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This has been on sale for a white, but the price just dropped a few more dollars.

    The Arlo Essential Wireless Security Camera is a fantastic product, especially if you’re trying to keep costs down. It receives strong ratings in our tests for video quality and data security, and it performs quite well in our response-time test, but its data privacy could be better. This model gives you a built-in spotlight that allows for color night vision, a rechargeable battery, a siren, and voice control (via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, and Google Home/Assistant), and it connects directly to WiFi (unlike Arlo’s other models, which use base stations).

    Why it’s a good deal: Amazon is taking about 38 percent off a one-pack and 35 percent off a three-pack of this camera.

    Want a floodlight camera for less than $100? The Wyze Cam Floodlight is the model for you. It receives high marks for video quality, data security, and response time in our tests. It also offers a good array of features, including color night vision, monitoring zones, a siren, two-way audio, voice and app control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant, and a microSD card slot to store video footage without a subscription. Optionally, a Wyze Cam Plus subscription can be used to store footage in the cloud and add object recognition for people, packages, vehicles, and pets.

    Why it’s a good deal: This floodlight camera is $26 off its list price at Walmart, the lowest price we’ve seen in weeks.

    The third-generation Ring Stick Up Cam (Battery) is an all-around great camera. It works both indoors and outdoors and gives you monitoring zones, voice and app control via Amazon Alexa, and alert schedules so that you can silence alerts at certain times of day. In our tests, this Ring camera receives strong scores for video quality, response time, and data security. Cloud video storage and additional features (such as person detection) require a Ring Protect subscription. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This camera is 30 percent off its list price, making it the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Existing Ring Protect subscribers can also receive an additional 10 percent discount either at or Amazon (provided you’ve linked your Amazon and Ring accounts together).

    The Ring Video Doorbell (2020) offers terrific video quality, response time, and data security in our lab tests. Its free feature set is a bit sparse, though, only offering monitoring zones and voice control via Amazon Alexa. Cloud video storage and additional features (such as person alerts and photo snapshots between recordings) require a Ring Protect subscription. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This doorbell is at the lowest price we’ve ever seen, and Amazon is also selling it for $70 with a free Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display, worth $85. Existing Ring Protect subscribers can also receive an additional 10 percent discount either at or Amazon (provided you’ve linked your Amazon and Ring accounts together).

    The Google Nest Thermostat is technically more of a WiFi-enabled programmable thermostat than a truly smart thermostat that learns your routine, but some people might prefer that. It offers great manual controls in our tests, as well as a few useful features, such as presence sensing to tell whether anyone is home, a smartphone app for remote control and programming, and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a good discount. It was about $100 during the last big sales, so the $89 price at Amazon is especially nice right now.

    Yoga Mats

    Iuga Non Slip Yoga Mat

    With a highly grippy surface and a medium amount of cushioning, this is a great mat for novice and experienced yogis alike. Plus, it comes with a carrying strap.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a pretty good discount, and it dropped $9 in just the last few days.

    Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

    This mat dries quickly and has an excellent grip on the floor. Its dry top surface also offers excellent grip. It has minimal cushioning, as well, which some people prefer.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a more than 20 percent discount on one of the nicer mats we tried, in a handful of colors.

    Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches

    The Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch performs well across the board with a bright, colorful, and rather large display and a price that’s more typical of a fitness tracker. Unlike the more expensive Versa 3, the model lacks stand-alone GPS, so you’ll need to bring your smartphone along while you’re on a run or a bicycle ride. 

    Why it’s a good deal: The Versa 2 is a solid-performing smartwatch at a price that’s more typical of a fitness tracker.

    The Fitbit Charge 5 is the company’s top of the line fitness tracker, which includes a number of features, like stress tracking and EKG monitoring, which tend to be found in smart watches. It also has Fitbit’s robust array of fitness functions, although getting full access to your data will require a $10 monthly membership to Fitbit Premium. The large-ish color display and more elegant styling make the Charge 5 more suitable for all-day wear.

    Why it’s a good deal: The biggest drawback to the full-featured Charge 5 is probably its smart-watch like price, but this sale alleviates that problem

    The lightweight and stylish Fitbit Luxe looks more like jewelry than a straight-up fitness tracker, and it performs well on basic functions. The device earns high ratings for both ease of use and counting steps, and it includes the stress-tracking features found on the more expensive Sense smartwatch. It isn’t quite as good as other models when it comes to heart rate tracking, though. And the tiny screen can be tough to read, especially for people who have trouble seeing up close.

    Why it’s a good deal: At 40 percent off, this model is a few dollars less than the lowest price we’ve seen in recent weeks.

    While technically a fitness tracker, the Garmin Forerunner 35 offers a watchlike feel. You get a 1.3-inch monochrome display that shows your step count and heart rate. The Forerunner 35 has built-in GPS and a claimed battery life of nine days, and we found in our testing that it makes good on its water-resistance claim of 164 feet. CR testers give the fitness tracker top marks for heart rate tracking and step-count accuracy, as well as ease of use.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a solid deal for a trusty tracker, especially now that it’s under $100.


    As the name suggests, the Fire HD 8 Plus is a beefed-up version of the Fire HD 8. In addition to the faster processor of its sibling, the HD 8 Plus has 3 gigabytes of memory vs. the regular tablet’s 2GB. It can also be wirelessly charged and has an upgraded 5-megapixel rear camera.

    Why it’s a good deal: Like many other Amazon devices, this hefty discount is likely to show up only during large sales like Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean it’ll last forever.

    This deal gives you a solid discount on a 10-inch Amazon Fire tablet. This model doesn’t get outstanding scores in our tests, but it’s a solid device. And given the price, it’s worth considering if you don’t mind a screen that’s just okay. For reading books, scanning the news, browsing emails, and so on, it works perfectly well, though movies might not look as vibrant as you’d like. The biggest drawback is the Amazon app store, where you won’t find some mainstream apps such as Gmail. But you can use a web browser instead, as you would on a computer.

    Why it’s a good deal: These discounts match the low prices we saw during the Prime Early Access sale.

    More Deals

    This Insignia TV may be a good option for budget shoppers who don’t need all the bells and whistles. It offers HD picture-quality—no 4K here—but at a great price, particularly if you need a set for a guest room or playroom. The 32-inch smart TV offers above-average picture quality, but as with many sets this size, the viewing angle is fairly narrow. The model uses Amazon’s Fire TV platform for access to streaming services, and it has built-in support for Amazon’s Alexa voice-powered digital assistant. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This matches the best price we’ve seen this year.

    This updated Apple TV 4K, from 2021, has a few new notable features, including a redesigned Siri remote with a clickpad rather than the love-it-or-hate-it touchpad. It also has a new processor for improved graphics and video, including support for high frame rate (60fps) Dolby Vision HDR. A unique feature is a unique color-calibration feature that works with your iPhone to automatically adjust the picture’s color balance. Note that Apple recently announced an even newer model.

    Why it’s a good deal: A $70 discount can go a long way.

    Phomemo M110 Label Maker

    The Phomemo M110 is the bigger, bulkier version of the Phomemo D30 (which is also on sale for under $50) and offers a bit more flexibility with the size of the label you’re creating. It uses the same app as well, and has a wide variety of fonts, styles, and images, with quick creation and easy label cutting. Its size makes it a bit less portable than the smaller Phomemo, and its alignment wasn’t as precise when it came to cutting the label exactly on the cut line compared with the other label printers. But it’s still a solid option when it comes to durable, lasting label printers. 

    Why it’s a good deal: With the on-page coupon, this label maker matches the best price we’ve ever seen.

    eBags Pro Slim Travel Backpack

    We dubbed the eBags Pro Slim the best comfort/value combo in our evaluation of 10 travel backpacks due to its flyer-friendly nature, excellent organizational guts, and the fact that it’s a very comfy carry. It was a bit too wee for our writer to fit all of his stuff, however, living up to its "slim" name.

    Why it’s a good deal: 40 percent off this convenient bag is nothing to sneeze at

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