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    Best Cyber Monday Deals on Home and Kitchen Products

    You can find great holiday prices on large appliances, coffee makers, vacuums, and more

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    Cyber Monday sales have started, and there are more deals than ever at the best prices of the year. But with so many offers to sift through, it can be hard to find products that are actually worth buying.

    Consumer Reports is here to help. We keep tabs on all of the products we test, including big-ticket items like fridges and mattresses, kitchen appliances like air fryers and coffee makers, and smart home products like sprinkler timers and security cameras. Whenever an item that scores well in our ratings goes on sale, we’ll let you know so that you can find the gems amid the duds.

    And don’t forget: Many retailers will offer price matching at the point of purchase (or sometimes during the return window) if you tell them you saw a better deal at another retailer. You’ll find variations of these types of policies into the holiday season as well. For instance, Target will give a partial refund if anything you’ve bought there between Oct. 6 and Dec. 24 drops further in price during the holiday season. You just have to ask.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Keep checking back. We’ll be bringing you the best holiday deals on tested products all season long.

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    Air Fryers
    Coffee Makers
    Toasters and Toaster Ovens
    • Blenders and Food Processors
    Cocktail Shakers
    Kitchen Tools
    Sleep Masks
    Weighted Blankets
    Sunrise Alarm Clocks
    Home Goods
    Smart Home Devices
    Washing Machines
    Clothes Dryers
    More Large Appliances

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    Spotlight Deal

    This Blue Diamond multi-cooker has an impressive overall performance. It’s stellar at pressure-cooking and sauteeing, and functions as a great slow cooker and rice cooker as well. Its one downside is that the steaming performance is just so-so. This model comes with a 2-year warranty and accessories, including a steam rack, measuring cup, spoon, and condensation collector.

    Why it’s a good deal: Walmart has this high performer for more than 25 percent off.

    Air Fryers

    The Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max is a solid model all-around, earning a high rating in each one of our testing categories. It has legible controls, makes relatively low noise, and includes a nonstick coating that makes it pretty easy to clean. Unlike most basket-style air fryers, the Dreo Pro Max has a visible window, so you can monitor food. It also comes with five cooking modes and six programmed settings. At a measured capacity of 4.6 quarts, it’s one of the larger models in our ratings.

    Why it’s a good deal: If you’ve been eyeing an air fryer with a visible window, now’s the time to pounce. The Dreo is the top-rated air fryer with this feature and it’s 15 percent off. 

    The Instant Vortex 4 Plus Air Fryer 4QT is a standout for the legibility of its digital controls, relatively low noise levels, and ease of cleaning. What’s more, its square basket design makes it easy to fit in a small pyrex dish or baking pan — great for turning out sweet treats. The measured 3 quart model has a 1-year warranty. 

    Why it’s a great deal: At more than half off you can get one of Instant’s newest air fryers at a considerable savings.

    The Oster DiamondForce Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer’s digital touchscreen is easy to read. And its programmed settings are easy to use, earning it a favorable score in our controls test. This model also doesn’t make too much noise, and cleaning the inside and outside doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease. Despite the air fryer’s name, the basket has a measured capacity of 3.6 quarts. Like other models we’ve tested, this one comes with a 1-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal:  The price for this model at Target is the lowest we’ve seen in weeks.


    One of the shortest and lightest robots that CR has tested, the budget-friendly Eufy RoboVac 11S drives under furniture and wiggles away from hazards like power cords and carpet fringe better than most. It struggles to thoroughly clean large areas, but it’s nimble, making it a great option for cleaning a few rooms at a time. It’s also quiet, and the cleaning performance is respectable for its price. Eufy makes a handful of robots very similar to the 11S, but this is the most basic model, and one of the few robotic vacuums still available that doesn’t connect to the internet.

    Why it’s a good deal: You can get this vacuum for just $30 more than lowest price we’ve ever seen. If you’re shopping at eufy, use the discount code WS24BF11S.

    The versatile Kenmore Pop-N-Go BC4026 makes an impressive showing on both our bare-floor and pet-hair tests, leaving little to nothing behind. It also earns an above-average rating for carpet cleaning. The Pop-N-Go name refers to how easy it is to attach the floor brush, and our testers like the way this vacuum maneuvers around and under furniture. Emissions are clean, and this vacuum has robust airflow, making it a good choice if you often use your attachments to clean upholstery.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s a modest discount (the same model typically sells for about $319 at other retailers), but this is still a decent savings.

    The LG A9 Kompressor lands near the top of our list of worthy contenders. It aces our carpet, bare-floors, and pet-hair tests and leaves nothing behind when you vacuum along the edges of a room. It’s not quite as quiet as some of the other cordless stick vacs we test, but it won’t bother you during short bursts of cleanup. It runs for almost a full half-hour on one battery charge. Better yet, it comes with two batteries.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the lowest price we’ve seen for this vacuum, and it’s now available at Best Buy as well.

    For more discounts: Best Cyber Monday Deals on Vacuums

    Coffee Makers

    The Nespresso VertuoPlus offers a superb brewing range as well as solid first-cup speed and temperature consistency. In terms of features, it comes equipped with a removable water reservoir, a height-adjustable drip tray, and an auto-shutoff function. And Nespresso pod coffee makers earn top ratings for owner satisfaction and reliability in our member surveys. This machine uses Nespresso’s VertuoLine pods, not the OriginalLine other models use, so make sure you choose the correct pods.

    Why it’s a good deal: Nespresso machines don’t go on sale often, and while we’ve seen bigger discounts for major sales, it’s always nice to save a little if you need a new coffee maker right now. Amazon does have an especially nice price right on the gray version now, the lowest we’ve come across lately.

    The Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15, which pulls double duty as a K-Cup brewer and a drip coffee maker with a glass carafe, is a strong performer all-around. As a K-Cup brewer, it earns high marks for first-cup speed, size consistency, and temperature consistency. And as a drip coffee maker, this model features a water filter, a permanent filter, a cleaning indicator, brew-strength control, auto-shutoff, and programming.

    Why it’s a good deal: This brewer is discounted to about $140 at a few retailers, but Amazon knocks the deal out of the park with its $99.99 Cyber Monday price.

    The Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer KB900 is one of the more expensive models we’ve tested, but it’s a superior performer. This manual cold-brew coffee maker offers superb convenience and was one of the best models in our taste tests. The Asobu isn’t dishwasher-safe. It has a stainless-steel insulated carafe (rare for a manual model) and brews in 12 to 24 hours, depending on how strong you want your coffee.

    Why it’s a good deal: This cold-brew coffee maker is on sale for about 20 percent off in select colors, making now a great time to buy.

    For more discounts: Best Cyber Monday Deals on Small Appliances

    Toasters and Toaster Ovens

    The Cuisinart Countdown Metal CPT-415 snags the top rating in our color-range tests, popping up toast just as you like it. There are settings for bagels, defrost, and reheat, and Cuisinart’s 3-year warranty is longer than that of most brands in our ratings.

    Why it’s a good deal: Paying more than $50 for a 2-slice toaster may be a reach. But if you’re going to splurge for a digital display, you might as well splurge on one of the highest-rated models in CR’s ratings.

    While it doesn’t land in the very top tier of our ratings, the Black+Decker 8-Slice Digital Extra Wide TO3290XSD is a solid choice at a good price. It scores well in our reheating test, and with a temperature range of 150° F to 450° F you’ll find it efficient at the basics: reheating, baking, and broiling. But expect to wait for a while for toast. It performed below average in that test.

    Why it’s a good deal: A roomy toaster oven with push-button controls is hard to find under $100. You can get this one on sale now for less than half of what some retailers are charging.

    The Cuisinart TOA60 Toaster oven excelled at evenly warming cold lasagna, it’s also easy to use and clean. However, it lagged behind other recommended models in baking and toasting—both in terms of how well it handled a batch of six slices and how long it took (it does better on a single slice). This 1,800-watt oven has a temperature range of Warm to 450° F. It has only two rack positions, but its air fryer function works well. Cuisinart toaster ovens have received solid ratings for their reliability, based on our member surveys.

    Why it’s a good deal: This generous discount is the lowest of the year for this highly-rated model.

    There’s quite a lot going for this 1,500-watt Emeril Power Toaster Oven. It’s a cinch to operate, and we’ve found that it’s particularly good at making toast and baking cookies. If you’re looking to save counter space, this model doubles as an air fryer, too, and its 0.5-cubic-foot interior has the capability to turn out a 4- to 6-pound rotisserie chicken. The best part? It’s almost half off.

    Why it’s a good deal: Walmart has the lowest price we’ve seen for this model.

    For more discounts: Best Cyber Monday Deals on Small Appliances

    Blenders and Food Processors

    Though this blender isn’t among our top-rated, the Calphalon Auto-Speed BLCLMB1 is one of the most reliable models in our tests. The 1,100-watt blender comes in dark stainless steel with a 68-ounce BPA-free Tritan jar, plus a 25-ounce smoothie cup you can take on the road. It weighs 8 pounds and has a pulse option and a removable blade.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model is back down to its lowest price at Amazon and Walmart.

    With variable speeds, dial controls, and a reversible shredding and slicing disc, the NutriChef NCFP8 food processor isn’t one to miss. Although the model doesn’t fare as well when it comes to grating, it still scores high in overall performance in Consumer Reports’ tests. Included in the set: a dough blade plus whipping and juicing attachments. 

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s one of the best options under $100, and the sale price just dropped by an additional $5 compared with the price in recent weeks.

    For more discounts: Best Cyber Monday Deals on Small Appliances

    Cocktail Shakers

    True Wooden Finish Cocktail Shaker

    The True Wooden Finish all-in-one shaker, also known as a cobbler shaker, could be good for beginners. It’s stainless steel, with a faux wood finish that gives it a unique aesthetic and requires it to be hand-washed only. The testers reported that this shaker felt flimsier than other models they tried, but the price and look for this model may make it worthwhile.

    Why it’s a good deal: Amazon’s on-page coupon makes this a nice price for a stocking stuffer.

    Viski Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker

    This sophisticated-looking cobbler shaker from Viski is nicely weighted, with thick stainless steel craftsmanship. It holds 17 ounces and has a strong seal that could handle both a regular and a dry shake without leakage. At a little over 1 pound, it’s heavier than the other shakers, but the grip is nice and feels very ergonomic. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This shaker was recently closer to $25, but this is still a decent discount.

    Crate & Barrel Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

    Made of stainless steel, this tin-on-tin shaker from Crate and Barrel fits about two drinks and has a maximum fill line that helps prevent overfilling. The seal is supertight, resulting in leak-free shakeage. It’s also dishwasher-safe, which makes it cinch to clean.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s already a great value at full price, so the 20 percent discount makes it even more appealing.

    Kitchen Tools

    SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker

    We found the highly-rated SodaStream Terra’s “quick connect” snap-on mounting for CO₂ cartridges easier to use than the older, screw-in setups of other SodaStream models. (The new, pink cartridges you’ll need for this unit cost the same and can carbonate the same volume as the older cartridges.) The Terra needs no electricity to work. This package includes one pink CO₂ cartridge and one carbonating bottle.  We tested the red Terra model.

    Why it’s a good deal: This 40 percent discount is the deepest price cut most retailers have posted in several months. They’re charging that same price for the Terra in white, black, and misty blue.

    The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder earns solid scores in all our grind-performance tests, and it’s particularly great at producing coarse grounds, which are ideal for cold-brew and French-press coffee. This model is also easy to clean, but its controls are a bit unintuitive, and it’s one of the noisier grinders in our ratings. The Bodum features 12 grind settings, an auto-stop feature, and a timer.

    Why it’s a good deal: The black model is almost 50 percent off the original price, the best price we’ve ever seen for this model.

    This vacuum sealer from Black+Decker is a great option. It gets high scores in CR’s lab tests for speed and dry-food sealing, and its performance for wet-food sealing (e.g., marinated foods) is almost as strong. It does get a lower than average score for noise, but that’s fairly common for this sort of kitchen tool.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model originally cost $130 and typically retails for closer to $100, and this discount makes it even more appealing.

    For more discounts: Best Cyber Monday Deals on Small Kitchen Appliances

    Sleep Masks

    Slip Sleep Mask

    There’s no doubt about it: This popular mask is gorgeous. It’s made with stunning silk fabric, with colors including a lush navy, a graceful ballet pink, and an opulent gold. It has a scrunchy backstrap that stretches rather than adjusts, which allows for a more seamless look (but perhaps an imperfect fit). To that end, some evaluators found that the mask was true to its name and slipped during the night.

    Why it’s a good deal: At $10 off, the Slip makes a great gift for that stylish someone in your life—just make sure to get a gift receipt in case it well, slips.

    Nidra Deep Rest Sleep Mask

    While our evaluators were certainly amused by the appearance of this mask, those strange contoured eye cups may be appealing to people with lash extensions or who dislike the feeling of fabric on their lids. However, one evaluator found the material inside the cups a bit rough on her skin, and too wide for her small face. But if your head is average or big, you might love the Nidra mask. The price is good, it offers lots of space for the eyes to flutter freely, and even the appearance can be cool if you consider it from a different perspective.

    Why it’s a good deal: We paid $17.95 for our mask, so this is an even better discount from the list price.

    Mzoo Sleep Mask

    The Mzoo is affordable, well designed, and effective at blocking light for most face shapes and head sizes. CR’s team of evaluators had a wide range of preferences and needs, and yet most agreed that the Mzoo mask was a great option.

    Why it’s a good deal: Budget-friendly even before a discount (we bought ours for $17 recently), plain, and oh-so-comfortable—what’s not to like? To get the lowest price, you’ll need to sign up for Subscribe & Save, which you can cancel anytime.

    Weighted Blankets

    Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

    The Baloo weighted blanket has a cotton cover and glass beads. It comes in a few colors— Linen covers, in a choice of six colors, are sold separately. Baloo says the blanket is machine-washable and dryer-safe. You can also get it monogrammed by Baloo (for an additional fee) as a special gift.

    Why it’s a good deal: This blanket is usually on the pricier end, so saving up to $75? That’s a nice chunk of change.

    Luna Weighted Blanket

    On the under-$100 end of things, the Luna weighted blanket is a basic cotton option, filled with glass beads. It does not come with a duvet cover, but you have several colors and materials to choose from if you’d like to buy one separately. Luna says you can wash it in cold water on the gentle setting and hang it to dry or tumble-dry on low heat.

    Why it’s a good deal: You can take that $20 you saved and spend it on a sleep mask on sale (see above)!

    Sunrise Alarm Clocks

    Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light HF3520/60

    With the Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light HF3520/60, you can wake up to one of five nature-inspired sounds or an FM radio. The clock glows with red, orange, and yellow hues that ultimately brightens to a maximum intensity of 300-lux (which you can adjust down, according to your preference). Pressing snooze will temporarily shut off the sound alarm but not the light, which may keep you from falling back asleep (a good thing, if you truly want to wake up).

    Why it’s a good deal: A discount of $20 on this model is worth considering.

    JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

    The JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock is at least half the price of other clocks we tested, but from an ease-of-use standpoint, this model comes out on top. It has two independent alarms (so you can set them for different times depending on your routine), seven alarm tones (including “wind bells” and birds chirping), an FM radio, and a fall-asleep mode that simulates a sunset (though no white-noise option).

    Why it’s a good deal: Already on the more affordable end, this savings makes the JALL an even sunnier option.


    The full-featured Comfort Zone CZHD60, meant for medium-sized rooms (up to 450 square feet) was a winner in our humidifier tests. It includes a timer, a nightlight, a humidistat to control the humidity level, a digital humidity display, and the option to diffuse aromas. It also shuts off automatically when empty, The downside: It has a relatively short cord (less than 5 feet).

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s at its lowest price of the year.

    The Crane Drop humidifier is intended for rooms up to 250 square feet and earns a top rating in our tests for overall performance. This model comes with an empty-tank indicator and has an automatic shutoff feature. Easy to use and energy-efficient, this model also scores top marks for its low noise levels.

    Why it’s a good deal: Though the pink version was at a steeper discount before it sold out, the gray and white models are also on sale.

    On just about every measure, including moisture output and noise, the Crane Owl humidifer soars. It’s convenient to use, though not being able to get a hand into the tank for cleaning is a drawback. The 250-square-foot claimed coverage area is on the high end for a small-room model. Other animal figures in this Crane series include Wyatt the Fox, Puffington the Penguin, Misty the Unicorn, Sidney the Sheep, The Crane Train, Hello Kitty, Freddy the Frog, Mya the Monkey, Violet the Hippo, and Elliot the Elephant. They all perform similarly and may be on sale for similar prices.

    Why it’s a good deal: With heating season in full swing, few humidifiers are on sale right now. So a 25 percent discount isn’t bad.

    Home Goods

    The hOmeLabs HME020006N dehumidifier can remove 35 pints of moisture from the air per day and is one of the quietest models we’ve tested. The tank holds 12 pints of water, and like most models we tested, there’s a timer and an auto-restart feature, handy if there’s a power outage. There’s a clean-filter alert, too.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model has been on sale since early September. While it dipped to $199.99 during Black Friday, it’s back to the sale price we usually see.

    AeroGarden Harvest 360

    The circular AeroGarden Harvest 360, among the smallest AeroGarden models, is the one CR recommends if you’d like to start an indoor garden. The starter kit includes six ports for seed pods, and it comes with various lettuces. Of the four gardens CR tried, the AeroGarden was the most fun for our tester to use, in part because most of the lettuce sprouted in a week and grew fast. But the unit is also relatively easy to operate; there are even indicator lights that let you know when your plants need more water. Total setup took just 8 minutes.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is just $10 more than the best price we’ve seen, on Black Friday. Make sure to use the code "CYBER" at checkout to get the full savings.

    The 20-volt Skil DL529303 does fast work of drilling holes and driving fasteners. It’s also light and comfortable to hold, and weighs a little over 3 pounds. It comes with only one lithium-ion battery but charges up very quickly, and it has an LED work light and a belt hook. This model comes with a generous 5-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is $20 less than the regular discount. It’s the first time we’ve seen the price dip this low in months.

    Smart Home Devices

    The Eufy SoloCam S40 is the first security camera CR has tested with a built-in solar panel to recharge its battery. In our tests, it offers superb video quality and data security, as well as speedy response times. The camera doesn’t offer great data privacy, though, which is common among these devices. It features monitoring zones; person alerts; voice and app control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant; a built-in siren; color night vision (thanks to its built-in spotlight); and 8 gigabytes of memory to store footage locally.

    Why it’s a good deal: This sale price beats the lowest we’ve seen all year by $10.

    The Kwikset Premis 919TRL 15 SMT is best for iPhone users because it works with Apple’s HomeKit smart home ecosystem and Siri digital assistant. In our tests, the Premis was very resistant to kick-ins and lock picking, but it’s susceptible to attacks from a cordless drill. Still, this lock comes with some very helpful features, including an access log to keep track of who comes and goes, a tamper alarm, an auto-lock feature, and the ability to create and share PINs with others. Just note that because this lock uses Bluetooth and HomeKit, you’ll also need an Apple TV, Apple HomePod, or Apple iPad (that’s constantly plugged into an outlet) in your home to control the lock remotely.

    Why it’s a good deal: This beats the best price we’ve ever seen by a few bucks.


    Avocado makes some top-notch mattresses, and this sale is a great chance to save on one. The Green usually goes for $1,999 and the Green Pillowtop is priced at $2,499, but both are $100 off right now. Both Avocado mattresses support a wide range of side and back sleeper body types. On our firmness scale, the Avocado Green is very firm and the pillow top is medium firm.

    To get the savings, use the code SAVE10 at checkout.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the best price we’ve seen; the coupon code applies to the already discounted mattresses. And CR members may be able to save a little bit more through an exclusive offer for members only.

    Bear Mattress is offering 35 percent off sitewide right now for Cyber Monday. A mattress purchase will also get you a free sheet set, two free Cloud pillows, and a free mattress protector. Just use the code BF35 at checkout.

    The Bear Original foam mattress performs well in our tests, and it’s a good choice for back and side sleepers who are petite or of average height. (Tall folks may want to look elsewhere.) CR’s tests found that this mattress tends to retain heat, so it may be best for those who sleep cooler.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is $50 better than the best price we’ve seen for the mattress this year.

    For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Essentia Stratami is discounted at 25 percent off its full price and comes with two free pillows, a deal we’ve seen before. It has been one of the top-ranking foam mattresses in CR’s ratings for several years. This mattress is good at supporting people of all sizes, whether they sleep on their side or back, but it earns the highest marks for supporting petite and average-sized people who sleep on their back. This mattress meets two organic standards, the Global Organic Latex Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the standard discount Essentia offers. If you’re a CR member, you can save even more with an exclusive coupon code.

    For more discounts: Best Cyber Monday Deals on Mattresses

    Washing Machines

    The LG WM4000HWA smart washer features a digital display, steam option, and AI technology that detects fabric texture and load size before automatically selecting the right wash cycle. The normal cycle is 85 minutes long, but this machine also has a TurboWash 360 setting that tackles a load in less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom—just 30 minutes. The Active Smart Pairing system allows the washer to tell the compatible dryer which cycle to select for optimum performance. This model is stackable and pedestal-compatible, and has a large capacity of 4.5 cubic feet. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This smart washer is tied for the top slot in CR’s ratings, and now you can buy it for $301 off—with free shipping.

    This front-load washer has a capacity of 5 cubic feet, making large loads a breeze. It features auto detergent dispensers, end-of-cycle signal, and WiFi—as well as ColdWash technology and Energy Star certification, helping it earn CR’s Green Choice designation. 

    Why it’s a good deal: At 26 percent off, this is a great chance to snag this eco-friendly machine.

    This LG has a four-way agitator that cleans clothes with a left-right-up-down wash action while its drum promotes water flow to clean clothes better. In our tests, its washing performance, energy efficiency, and water efficiency were solid enough to earn it a CR Green Choice designation. It has a 4.3 cubic-foot capacity, a slam-proof lid, and a smooth stainless steel tub.

    Why it’s a good deal: This deal gives you a generous 30 percent off CR’s second-highest-rated top-load agitator.

    This economical top-load washer has 14 wash cycles, including speed wash, precise fill, deep fill, and auto soak for heavily soiled or stained clothes. It’s a standard 27 inches with a 4.5 cubic-foot capacity and offers a quick 35-minute wash cycle. 

    Why it’s a good deal: It may be no-frills, but with 14 cycles this efficient washer has you covered for just about any load you throw into it—at $150 off.

    Clothes Dryers

    This 7-cubic foot large capacity electric dryer isn’t loaded with features, but it does offer a moisture sensor, an end-of-cycle signal, and a wrinkle control option that keeps clothes tumbling without heat after its cycle is over to prevent wrinkles. It’s a solid—not stellar—performer in our tests from a brand that gets very good marks in our member surveys for both reliability and customer satisfaction.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s not every day you find a large-capacity dryer at 34 percent off. Yep, that’s $271 in savings.

    More Large Appliances